Zygarde is a Dragon,Ground type and legendary pokemon.It has 3 formes but 50 percent forme is his stand red when enough cells are absorbed.His final Is the 100 percent at his strongest.He Is tanky and rather bulky rather than offensive.


He can be obtained by going to the Tremor Cave and finding the Cell flower.That will then summon him in 50 percent forme.Instead of fighting him he will then run further in the cave.This will reveal a maze and than you must find him with a 1/2000 chance.Once you find him he will fight u like normally.BUT IF YOU KILL IT,HE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BE FOUND AGAIN AND WILL BE FOUND IN THE WILD ANYWHERE FOR A 1/4000 CHANCE.SAVE AFTER HIM BEING CAUGH

50 Percent Forme Second Pic 100 Percent forme first.