Manaphy is a Mythical rare Pokemon that can be obtained in PIGGY ADVENTURE OF POKEMON.


Manaphy is obtained through a event that occurs Each year every April starting at April 25 to april 27.Although it is short it can take some time.But during the event,the player must wait near PIGGY BEACH (link)

He or she must wait the beach until he or she hears a noise of a manaphy or a Egg that is blue pop up in the waves which is a 1/1000 chance to get in each wave.The player must pick up the egg with at least one poke slot open in their invet.Than if you desire to hatch it,walk 10,000 steps around anywhere.It's moves start with :MANAPHY WIKI MOVESET


If you obtain a ditto (link) that is earned the arcade in flying city for 10,000 tix,and breed it with manaphy in the day care in Lagoon Lake(Close to PIGGY beach),it will breed a Mythical Phionie (link )

Manaphy IMAGE in GAME