A cell flower is a item for summoning Zygarde,the legendary Order pokemon.It can be found in King Pig City in the flower patch.You have to keep going in there where you will find flower pokemon like flebabe.When You encounter a pokemon that is not in the game CALLED CELL FLOWER(NOT REAL POKE)you can catch it.It has a 1/500 chance of being found in the patch.


The Cell flower will not attack nor die or get killed.It's hp cannot go past 1.But if you run out of poke balls ur doomed.The cell flower will not attack you,but will send status conditions at you.It can send Posion,Paralysis,Freeze,Sleep,Burn.For every turn.The cell flower attack base is 100 and speed is 1,so you will always go first.It will not attack you with moves but status a conditions.Once you catch it,go to Tremor cave.

DESPITE ITS NAME,it's does not look like a flower.

Cell flower image to the right (gem)

Bug Gem